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성별 남성
나이 43
신장 < 5' [150센티미터]
무게 100 - 120 파운드 [45 - 55 킬로그램]
음경 중간
나를 흥분 시키는 것
I love to watch and be teased . I love to be watched to ???????? I like to have showers and keep my wilf well trimmed. Hope u like him. Love to play and have lots ov fore play and oral. Like to be sneeky to. I don’t think wilf is big but been told different lol ???? xxxxx
내 소개
Watching and being watched
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23. 6. 4.
I curdle your blood with just one look 🌊
And there is no better man in the world than the one who tries to do everything for you ❤
23. 4. 19.
23. 3. 13.
It's more than love, after all. More than any passion.
This is more than a novel. It's hard to describe. 👄 💌
22. 10. 5.
I sit in the lotus position
In my arm I holding your dick
Today In the night and morning
I learnd Kama Sutra's shiick
So that for you from the depths of yoga
I want pleasure to come
To show how I do it
Go deep inside me, I will make you cum
22. 3. 25.
21. 9. 29.
💕 A goldfinch sang over the roadside willow,
Dusk flows from the branches with silence ...
And on the bench, quiet and happy,
"Adam" kisses "Eve" in the moonlight.💕
20. 11. 5.
💖In a man I prefer wisdom, strength,
The character is solid, the breadth of the soul.
It's not so scary to rush into the abyss
He will protect and hide from a thunderstorm.💖
20. 10. 12.
"This girl has been looking for a long time
Scars adorn a man like that.
Life, it's a big movie
And in the cinema everything is beautiful."
19. 7. 12.
And only a flock of white birds takes sorrow to heaven.
Sadness, sadness and trembling eyelashes, but only the past is not a pity...